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Apraxia Program

Does your child have difficulty with saying certain words or letters (for example words that have the letter 's' or 'r' or the inability to speak clearly), or maybe they are not speaking at all? 

Your child maybe eligible to join us in our Speech Therapy Summer program,  Literacy-Language Enrichment Apraxia/Articulation Program (L.L.E.A/A.P)© .  This summer program is designed to provide intensive intervention for preschoolers with a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Phonological Disorders, or Severe to Moderate Articulation Disorders.  The L.L.E.A/A.P program provides a therapeutic approach to the remediation of preschoolers with phonological disorders; mild to moderate language delays; fine motor delays and/or have difficulty with sensory processing.  The summer program will also address the fundamental underlying weakness in pre-reading readiness and prepares the children to meet the academic demands of kindergarten while improving their issues of Apraxia, Articulation Disorders, or Phonological issues.

If you live in a different state or internationally and you would like for your child to participate, please contact us for a scheduling time to perform an eligibility screen with our speech language pathologist, Dr. Amber Rutt-Shepard.  

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Summer Camp

Speech Therapy program

Autism Program

We offer intensive individualized designed Apraxia treatment programs that are customized to meet your child's specific need.  These Apraxia treatment plans create an environment that is conducive to facilitating your child's ability to speak along with specialized techniques to increase phonological clarity.  Your child will develop the skill to not only talk but to speak with confidence and clarity, thus building self-esteem while enhancing their academic skills. 

Speech Language Pathologist, Dr. Amber Rutt-Shepard discusses the Summer Camp Program 

The Autism program guides the child that has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop eye contact and communication skills.  This individualized intensive program creates an environment that is welcoming and customized to meet your child's needs.  The program builds your child's communication skills, social interactions, sensory motor planning, fine motor abilities and other functional activities that are important in a child's life.

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